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Contemplatio provides a space, online, for those who want the company of meditating with other people . Because the discipline of meditation takes some effort, many people find it helps to check in at a regular time with others.

Contemplatio has been founded in the Anglican Church tradition and includes people from different Christian churches and denominations (as well as those who may not be a member of any church but value silence) who meet weekly for a contemplative prayer gathering.  Meditation is also made available to UWA students and staff each morning, Monday to Friday.

There are many types of meditation from both secular and spiritual traditions. Broadly speaking....


Mindfulness Meditation invites us to pay attention to the mind/body and to observe and release distractions and focus the mind in a more conscious way. Mindfulness Meditation originated in Buddhist practice and its secular form has become a significant contributor to the Positive Psychology movement. 

Christian Meditation invites us to stillness of the ego mind and trust in the transforming presence of Christ's love.  This is aided by the quiet repetition of a prayer-word or phrase (it is not necessary to 'be' a confessing Christian to practice this kind of meditation).

Mindfulness Meditation and Christian Meditation have some overlaps in practice.  People who meditate in either way commonly report a sense of peace and wellbeing in themselves and in their relationships. There is also increasing research evidence that the regular practice of meditation can have health benefits. 

In Contemplatio, we seek to be guided in our work by the following principles:

  • Simplicity

  • Hospitality

  • Compassion

  • Nonviolence

  • Listening


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We look forward to meeting you.

Rev'd Michael Wood

Anglican Chaplain, University of Western Australia

When and Where
Monday to Friday 8am - 8.30am (WST)
Morning Meditation on Zoom with the UWA Chaplain (for UWA staff and students only)
- Brief reflection/teaching on contemplative life
- Music
- Ten minutes silent meditation
- Poem of the day
Click on the 'join' button below and then 'log-in' using your UWA email address (you will need to have previously set up a zoom account with your UWA email address)
Sunday 5pm-5.45pm (WST)
Contemplative Prayer on Zoom Service
Anyone may join. Note that on the LAST Sunday of the month we also meet in person at St Columba's Anglican Church, Scarborough for Eucharist - also streamed on Zoom) 
- Opening Prayer
- Bible reading
- Reflection on the reading
- Fifteen minute silent meditation
- Intercessory and closing prayers
Click the 'join' button below to join the Sunday evening meeting.

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